Jacques Stinkens Sr. (1875-1946) was the founder of Jacques Stinkens Orgelpijpenmakers. Having worked for several years at Organbuilder Verschueren in Heythuysen, he opened his own workshop at Nooitgedacht in Zeist in 1914. Here, flue pipes were produced exclusively. After moving premises several times, the company settled at it's present location at the Antonlaan in Zeist in 1939. In 1946, the company was taken over by two sons of Jacques Stinkens Sr.: Pierre (1905-1973) and Jacques Jr. (1915-1992). Under their leadership the company nurtured and grew.
In addition to the production of flue pipes, the company began the production of reed stops as well. Pierre's specialisation was voicing, particularly for reed stops, while Jacques was responsible for the complete general management.

The atmosphere of the company was characterized by a great amount of team-spirit. It was imperative a good product be produced and everyone worked together to attain that goal.
The organ builders visiting the shop could count on a warm welcome, often within the family circle of Pierre and Jacques.
Pierre died in 1973. He had 3 daughters (Tineke, Anneke and Lidwien), unfortunately none of whom had had the opportunity to succeed their father. Because the marriage of Jacques Jr. and his wife hadn't brought forth any children, they'd already been searching for a successor.
Jacques Stinkens Jr. passed away in 1992. When remembered by many, he remains the skilled pipe maker who advised his customers in a technical way and who was personally interested in them. His great sense of humour is still not forgotten.
He was the co-founder of I.S.O. (International Society of Organbuilders) and, together with his wife Ilonka, a regular participant of the congresses held twice yearly.
Theo Elbertse - Director, Rob Weber - Deputy Director and their 28 employees guarantee a good product: not so astonishing after
90 years of experience!
In 1969, the son of an organ builder, Theo Elbertse (1947), came to strengthen the team. Having first learned the art of pipe making through experience in the workshop, he became one of the directors.

In 1977 Rob Weber – now deputy director - joined the firm. As both his parents worked at Historic Buildings Council, his interest in (old) churches was roused starting in his childhood.
Pierre and Jacques Stinkens Jr. amongst their employees (1962)
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Soldering a flue pipe
Theo Elbertse
Rob Weber
Jacques Stinkens Sr.
Bust offered by the
employees 1914-1964
Pierre and Jacques Stinkens Jr.  (1962)
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October 1987
By M. Seybel

Since World War II, Jacques Stinkens has also produced reed stops. Over the past years we have made thorough investigations in this field, so that one may speak of "apparent progress" concerning quality and sound of a reed pipe.
“Formerly we made the reed pipes according to a fixed, standardised process. A similar method can no longer be sold during the past twentyfive years. Now our work is custom made and manufactured according to the personal wishes of the organ builder. Formerly we had a factory, now we have a workshop. You can hear the difference. Making pipes has always been a handcraft, and that's the way it should stay.”