Welcome to Jacques Stinkens Orgelpijpenmakers B.V. since 1914 founded in Zeist.

In our traditional workshop, we handcraft metal organ pipes with utmost care, often according to centuries-old principles. We produce custom made flue pipes as well as reed pipes.

Organ pipes are manufactured on demand, in all possible tin/lead alloys, optionally combined with other metals. On request, we advise in scales according to the appropriate sound type.

Restoration projects are also in good hands with us. We are well experienced in various styles and can ensure that valuable pipework can often be restored to its original glory. Three voicers are concerned with the voicing and have many years of experience with various tone colours, differing occasionally per organbuilder and per culture. On request, we will voice on location, inland as well as abroad.

Jacques Stinkens Orgelpijpenmakers B.V. has, within their more than hundred years of existence, become a thriving, respected company. Our organ pipes find their way to organs all over the world. It is a tradition we are proud of.

We work from Monday to Friday.
From 7:30 to 16:30

Phone: +31 (0) 343 49 11 22
E-mail: [email protected]

Jacques Stinkens Orgelpijpenmakers BV.
Woudenbergseweg 19 E-1
NL - 3707HW Zeist
The Netherlands