The founder of Jacques Stinkens orgelpijpenmakers BV was Jacques Stinkens Sr. (1875-1946). After working for several years at the organ builder Verschueren in Heythuysen, he opened his own studio in 1914 at the address Nooitgedacht in Zeist. Only flue pipes were
made here. After various relocations, the company ended up at the location on the Antonlaan in Zeist in 1939. In 1946, the company was taken over by 2 sons of Jacques Stinkens Sr., i.e. Pierre (1905- 1973) and Jacques Jr. (1915-1992). They have brought the company to fruition. In addition to the production of flue pipes, the manufacture of reeds was also started.

Early 1969 Theo Elbertse, son of an organ maker, was apprenticed. After Pierre’s death, the company was formed into a private company in 1974 and Theo was appointed co-director. He was one of the founders of the current structure. The base is a foundation that focuses on securing pipe making in the long term. Rob Weber joined the company in 1977 and became a board member in 1991. In mid-2006, “Stinkens” moved to business park “Seyst. The company was able to develop further in this new building. In 2008 Jos van Dijk was added to the management. Stinkens Stained Glass BV was established in 2009.ontwikkelen. In 2008 werd Jos van Dijk aan de directie toegevoegd. Stinkens Glas-in-lood BV werd in 2009 opgericht.

In 2014, the 100th anniversary was celebrated. From Mayor Janssen, we received the designation ‘By Appointment to the Court of the Netherlands’ Since 2010 Rob Weber and Jos van Dijk form the current directors.

List of directors

Past and present
Jacques Stinkens Sr
Pierre & Jacques Stinkens Jr
Theo Elbertse
Rob Weber & Jos van Dijk
Rob Weber & Jos van Dijk